Ceremony Descriptions

The Ceremony

Most ceremonies contain certain standard parts. Below is a list of all the different parts of the ceremony, in the order they are normally performed.  While customizing your Deluxe or Complete Custom Ceremony, you can add in or take out the parts you want. There are two exceptions to the rule.  The first is the Vows.  Someplace along the line you must say ‘I do’s’.  If you are doing Customized Vows (where you write your own vows) then we have to add in the Expression of Intent section to cover the ‘I Do’ portion.  The second exception is the Pronouncement.  That section is required by law.

  • The Procession

    This is the actual ‘coming down the isle’ portion of the ceremony. Some brides and grooms wish to start in place, in that case, you would omit this portion.

  • The Greeting

    The officiant typically announces the purpose of the gathering, indicates the names of the bride and groom, welcomes the guests and solicits them to participate in the ceremony by their presence and, perhaps, their prayers.

  • The Opening Prayer

    In this part of the ceremony, you can do a prayer for all gathered, for the blessing of the wedding ceremony and all of the guests, or a Moment of Silence for those who could not be with us.

  • The Presentation of the Bride

    The Presentation is when the bride, or the bride and groom, are presented for marriage by their parent or parents (the familiar, “Who gives this woman”).

  • The Reading

    The Reading is the place to include your favorite love poem, religious reading,  or other readings by the officiant or by other persons who have been asked by the bride and groom to speak.

  • Expression of Intent

    The Expression of Intent refers to the officiant asking the couple if they come of their own free will to marry.

  • Just Cause

    This is the part where officiant asks the potentially show stopping question, “If anyone has just cause why these two may not wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

  • Introduction of the Vows

    The officiant explains the significance of the vows which the couple are going to exchange.  Also, it can be mentioned if the couple wrote the vows or choose the vows themselves.

  • The Vows

    This is the part in which the bride and groom individually affirm their commitment to one another, in response to questions posed by the officiant; the responses usually take the form of “I do” or “I will.”

  • The Blessing of the Rings

    This is the part in which the officiant says a blessing and describes the meaning of the wedding rings.

  • Exchange of Rings & Ring Vows

    The couple, usually repeating phrases at the officiant’s direction, declare their commitment to one another and place a wedding ring on the hand of their betrothed.

  • Other Ceremonies

    These optional ceremonies could be The Unity Candle Ceremony, The Blending of the Sands, Guardian Angels for Children, Pledges or Vows to the Children, Mothers Rose Ceremony, Bride and Groom Rose Ceremony, The Wine and Chocolate, or Bride and Groom Lei Exchange.

  • Pronouncement of Marriage

    This is where the officiant pronounces the bride and groom married.  This part is required by Law in Alaska.

  • The Kiss

    ** :-)**

  • Benediction or Closing Blessing

    Here is where the officiant says a final blessing.

  • Introduction of the Couple

    This is where the officiant introduces the bride and groom.

  • The Recessional

    After the ceremony is over and you’ve kissed and been announced husband and wife, it’s time to go celebrate.  The recession usually goes as follows:

    • The bride and groom will walk down the aisle first.
    • The flower girl and ring bearer follow (this is optional)
    • Maid of honor and best man will follow next
    • The bridesmaids and groomsmen will follow, walking down in pairs.
    • The parents will then follow the wedding party.