Wedding Theme Ideas

Is there a special place that holds a lot of meaning to you and your sweetheart? Do you love to GeoCache? Did you vacation in Hawaii, or meet on the ski slopes, or take a trip to a cowboy ranch? Maybe you are planning a honeymoon in one of these places. Using your special place as the wedding theme will make your wedding unique and add extra specialness to the big day. There are no extra charges for themed weddings.

  • Movie Themes

    Love StoryAre you and your sweetheart movie buffs?  Is there a movie, play, or television show that has special meaning for the two of you? Consider using your favorite movie as a wedding theme.  Send out your invitations requesting character look alike or casting calls for a remake of your favorite movie. Decorations could be a directors seat, movie cameras, or posters of your new movie creation.

  • Pick a Time Period, Any Time Period ...
    Victorian Bride

    Victorian Bride

    Do you have a favorite time in history? The Victorian era, the Medieval era, the Romantic era, the Roaring 20s, the Rock ‘n Roll 50s, the Flower Children of the 60s are just a few of the Time Period ideas.

  • GeoCache Wedding Theme
    GeoCache Wedding

    GeoCache Wedding

    Have you and your sweetheart found the joy of GeoCaching?  Do all your friends carry GPSs and SWAG in their cars? A GeoWedding just might fit your style!  Imagine sending out your invitations with the coordinates listed instead of the address.  Have personalized SWAG to give to your wedding guests. Maybe a Puzzle Cache or two for the bridal and bachelor parties. The possibilities are endless!

  • Holiday Themes


    Christmas themed weddings have a lot of options.  You could give your guests holiday ornaments, of any shape and size, wrapped up in a beautiful gift box and tied with festive pretty ribbon. You can have your gifts placed under a giant Christmas tree.  You could place mistletoe over all the doorways and use holly, poinsettias, and candle wreaths for decorations.


    Halloween weddings are fun!  A giant costume party ~ who was that mysterious guest? Treat your guests to strange and eerie Halloween food treats (Can you eat that?) Let them drink some Ghoul-Ade complete with a frozen hand floating in it. Let a few ghosts, bats, and spider webs hang around them room and you will surely give everyone an event to remember!

    Valentine’s Day

    What holiday says romance more than Valentine’s Day? Decorate with warm candlelight, rose petals, chocolates. Sprinkle heart shaped confetti around the centerpieces. Floating candles with heart shaped rocks or glass beads make great centerpieces.  For favors, you could give a rich chocolate truffle packaged in a beautiful box, and tied with pretty ribbon, or anything in the shape of a heart. Chocolate Kisses wrapped in tulle or small candy bars with your personalized wrapper on the outside also make great favors.

    St. Patrick’s Day

    If your Irish eyes are smiling or you have a lucky leprechaun waiting to throw clovers or gold coins down the isle, then the St. Patrick’s Day theme might be for you. You could incorporate some Celtic designs in your invitations or table cards, have bag pipe players play your wedding march, maybe have some green punch or other green food and beverages. You could use little Pot-of-Gold or Terra cotta pots with shamrocks planted in them for favors .

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