Customizing the Ceremony

  • Can we add ....

    All of our ceremonies, other then the Basic Ceremony are customizable!  If you have something specific in mind, just let us know.  We actually like it when our couples add their own special touches to the ceremony.

  • Can we remove ....

    Other than the Basic Ceremony, you can remove any portion of the ceremony that you don’t want, other than what is required by law.  We know what is required by law and will guide you so you can still remove portions of a standard ceremony and still be legal.

  • Can we rearrange ...

    Yes!  It would be a hoot if we started with ‘You may now kiss the bride’ and went from there!  The only restriction would be that you have to have to pronouncement after the vows and you cannot modify the Basic Ceremony.

  • Do you provide a draft of our ceremony?

    After you have chosen all the passages you want in your ceremony, we go back to the office and type it up and email it to you to look over and make sure it is the way you want it to be. We usually wait to make a final print out of the ceremony until a day or two before the wedding.  You can continue to make changes, additions, and deletions, up to then.  Once it is printed out, we would appreciate you not making anymore changes.

  • Do you require that some kind of religion be in our wedding ceremony?

    No, we do not have any religious requirements for your ceremony.  We have written and performed weddings that range from very traditional to very untraditional.  We are open to people of all faiths, or none at all. We want your wedding to reflect who you are. 

Types of Ceremony Services

  • What is the Basic Ceremony?

    The Basic Ceremony is offered to couples who just want us to come and do the minimum service required by law to get married.  The restrictions of this service are that there are no changes to the ceremony and it must be within the city limits of Anchorage.  Also, we will use the Blank fill-in forms that the Vital Statistic office has provided to you with your license packet for your decorative certificate.

  • What is the Deluxe Ceremony?

    With our Deluxe Ceremony service, we offer you the choice of three sample ceremonies to start you off.  Then you can customize them to your liking. This will be done through the email or with phone conversations. You can still add in things that you would like or take out things you don’t. This option also includes one of our Decorative Wedding Certificates.

  • What is the Complete Custom Ceremony?

    With this option you can sit down with us and go over everything you would like in your ceremony.  We have a big book with lots of examples for each part of the ceremony.  We also can show you different types of ceremonies, like the Candle or Sand Ceremonies that can be included in your ceremony. This option also includes one of our Decorative Wedding Certificates.

  • Do you have Commitment Ceremonies?

    Yes, we do!  Since Commitment Ceremonies are very close to regular wedding ceremonies (with the exception of some of the wording and the pronouncement) they follow the same pricing as our other services.

  • Do you have Vow Renewal Ceremonies?

    Yes, we do! Vow Renewal Ceremonies are very special because you are celebrating your life together up to this point and saying you are willing continue being together for the future.  We have special selections available that are unique to Vow Renewals.  Since they are also close to regular wedding ceremonies (with the exception of some of the wording and the pronouncement) they follow the same pricing as our other services.

General Questions

Travel and Accommodations

  • Do you travel?

    Yes, we will travel to your location.  Weddings in Anchorage will not be charged a travel fee.  When you contact us and tell us where your wedding will be held, we will let you know if there will be any travel fees. Some examples of travel fees are located on the ‘Our Fees‘ page

  • Do we have to provide overnight accommodations for out of town weddings?

    For most weddings we will travel to and from the wedding on the same day.  If you have a remote wedding planned with limited access, it may be necessary to provide accommodations.  Contact us and tell us of your plans and we will let you know if we need accommodations or not.